The Order Book Tracer visualizes market depths, execution histories, and potential unbalanced forces of trading activities in real-time fashion. It is a complement to the conventional market depth monitor(MDM) function in Bloomberg terminal, which displays order books and executions in form of digits. And unfortunately, these data are volatile in the conventional MDM. We cannot fetch the historical order books even from the Application Programming Interface (API).

The Order Book Tracer aims to solve this problem by visualizing the trading facts both real-timely and historically, makes it easier, faster and more effective to make trading decisions at a glance. It supports varieties of asset classes, especially, those with market depth information such as future indexes/options, commodities, and equities. Currency exchanges are also supported without market depth displays.

Press&News Release

Aug.8, 2013
New visualization software gains access to financial market community


The Order Book Tracer is the only tool that can deliver you:

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